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We’ve all been there: listening to one mind-numbing conference speaker after the next drone on. And on. Talks that leave us underwhelmed.
With content that has no impact.
Why am I here?
What benefit will I take away from this?
Putting on a conference costs money – one way or another.
Make the most of your budget and communicate your topics memorably and relevantly. So that the listeners retain them long after they leave. So that you achieve your set goals.
Stage your conference. Lock in variety. Turn your speakers into stars. And your listeners into fans.

No more boring conferences!


Eight modules for a successful conference

A successful conference is made up of numerous components. We have assigned these to eight main themes. Each individual item must be taken into account in the planning and staging.
And each item must always logically build on and perfectly match the next. The result is a flawlessly conceived, end-to-end concept for a unified whole.
For greater impact.

The eight Tagungsmeister modules are:


Objectives. Target groups.
”Biography” of the format.
Actors. Budget.
Scheduling. Duration. Frequency.


Academic abstracts.
Speakers. Moderator.
Coaching. Presentation.
Talk. Interview.
Dialogue with the audience.
Film sequences.


Unified theme. Dramaturgy.
Choreography. Sequence.
Pre- and post-event phases.
Warm-up. Breaks.


Workshop. Training.
Innovative knowledge transmission.
Coordination. Interactions.
Frontal. Participative.
Cognitive. Affective.
Analogue. Digital.


Format title.
Logo & key visual.
Graphic design. Branding.
Means of communication.
Website. Social media.
Participant management.
Abstract handling.
Documentation. Follow-up.


Sound. Lighting. Projection.
Live video. Music (jingles).
Trailers/clips. Moods. Special effects.


”Genius loci”.
Design & ambiance.
Stage. Stage dressing.
Seating. Event architecture.
Furnishings. Decoration.


Motivation. Know-how.
Team spirit. Enthusiasm.
Insights. Contacts.
Knowledge sharing.

Tagungsmeister – your master conference-makers:
Insights into our experience trove.

Making ideas fly!

There are a lot of speakers. But disappointingly few good ones. The challenge here is to find the needles in the haystack. Good speakers provide motivation and stimulate your guests to think! Our team helps you to find the right experts for your topic: charismatic, knowledgeable personalities who know how to stimulate ideas!



More than just talk

Prepare for your grand performance! The power of your presence is just as important as what you say.
Henning Quanz, a television MC, talk show host and highly congenial journalist, will coach you along your path to the stage – he will rehearse your appearance with you until it’s perfect, so that your audience will hang on every word!




Digital isn’t just digital any more.

Our colleague Benjamin Kutsche is an expert for digital communication both before and during your conference. He’ll help you to effectively and powerfully deploy digital elements – whether a voting tool, event app or event website.
An event app or voting or gamification tools can make your conference interactive and entertaining.
Your own event website lets participants keep abreast of conference news at all times and can handle the entire registration process.

A picture paints a thousand words

A graphical representation of the results of your conference? No problem! Graphic recording is one of Volker Voigt’s exceptional talents. This activity comprises the live visual documentation of talks on paper or tablet. The resulting visibility ensures sustained knowledge retention and reproducibility of important conference content.



Your participants are knowledge reservoirs…

… the challenge is to capture and share this knowledge. We specialise in integrating interactive collaboration systems.
Whether word cloud, free text or multiple choice – we formulate the right questions so that you obtain the answers you need to correctly shape your future decisions. Your guests can participate directly in the action on stage simply by using their own smart phones.

Impactful from the first invitation!

A conference begins long before the keynote. Your most important asset: your guests. And they come with high expectations. The organisation is just as important as the content. Your guests want to be well looked-after. Claudia Nasse is our specialist for the entire guest management. In our team and in collaboration with our graphics department, she develops the optimum communication tools and looks after your guests. From the first invitation to the event hotline and all the way to their final departure:
all your guests’ questions are guaranteed to be answered.

Cramped slides? No thanks!

Some PowerPoint presentations hit listeners like a tonne of bricks. And readers have no chance to follow the content. Welcome teamer Elena Zolototrubova is a PowerPoint pro who knows how to present your points for maximum effect. A strong slide presentation embedded in your corporate design, the stage set, your appearance – you can look forward to making a spectacular splash.



Lights, camera… action!

Image videos, trailers, speakers, introductory presentations, stories, product videos, after-movies, lower thirds: we produce films that leverage a wide range of ideas professionally – and cost-effectively – in our own facilities. We utilise the right technology and the know-how and competence of our expert visual editor Matthias Meurer.




Groove your team!

No other medium can impact people as positively as music. And singing and making music together are the fastest possible way to unite your team behind a common spirit. It engenders a true feeling of togetherness.
The welcome team possesses a wealth of exciting experience: they know how to get your team out of their seats and on their feet in employee events.


We never miss our cues.

Quite the contrary. We plan the details for every programme point and every performance partner. Whether jingles, clips or timing of the catering – we integrate all partners in an exquisitely tuned whole. Everyone is fully informed, knows when it’s their turn and perform with pleasure. Individual actors come together to create a fantastic team. Frauke Landsberg and Dr. Achim Stegmann look back on 25 years of experience in live communication, making them the ideal directors for your conference.

Ideas, ideas, ideas.

A team brainstorming with us produces inspirations that dazzle! You inform us of the objectives of your conference in a comprehensive briefing. We put our heads together as a team to develop ideas for a unifying thread, the contents and a perfect sequence of events. Veteran colleague Dirk Ortmann is the undisputed champion when it comes to finding the right claim and slogan for your event.



Just a facility?

The venue for your conference needs to be more than a booked location with the standard technical package and standard seating. The staging of your conference topic covers the entire setup of the event: It starts with the lectern, which can be built from a stack of tires, includes expanding to a stage in the round and can even comprise “living-room seating” – depending on the guiding thread that unifies your conference. In every conference, the space and technical equipment must form a balanced unit. Your welcome team can implement exciting ideas even under tighter budget constraints. For more elaborate room layouts, we work with long-standing, trustworthy and reliable partners for stage and set design and decoration.

Networks for interpersonal exchanges

Digitalisation is all well and good. But a recent survey commissioned by BVMW e.V. revealed that conference participants still want to engage in one-on-one, face-to-face communication in future. Interpersonal exchanges are considered extremely important when it comes to acquiring information.
Our colleague Christiane Förster continually develops ideas for framework programmes that support successful networking and working networks. Programmes such as our wine and beer casinos provide “after-conference” entertainment and create a casual atmosphere, enabling fruitful communication to emerge on an uncomplicated level.

Abstract management for academic conferences

Conferences and conventions with an academic focus commonly bring together experts from all over the world to share new insights in their specialities. Normally, the speakers are also attendees. So that the content of the conference can be planned and structured, they submit their concentrated knowledge in the form of abstracts, which are evaluated and sorted by a jury. Thanks to its many years of experience in the area of abstract handling, e.g. in the university and medical sectors, welcome Veranstaltungsgesellschaft is able to comprehensively support you in this process. Our abstract handling software was specially developed by the expert Nevaf Ay and can be customized to meet your individual requirements.

Tagungsmeister for your…

Kick-off meeting – management conference – workshop – annual conference – sales meeting – industry forum – roadshow – change conference – customer meeting – expert conference – team meeting – academic conference – marketing forum – international conference – partner meeting – management forum – start-of-year event – symposium – party conference – association meeting

The “Tagungsmeister”

The “Tagesmeister” are the master conference-makers of welcome Veranstaltungsgesellschaft, with over 25 years of experience in live communication.
Our ten event specialists mobilise their extensive professional know-how to advise you on the architecture of your conference.
Tagungsmeister means: Experience gained in over 2,000 events, a unique pool of concepts, ideas and enormous brainpower. And we are expanding this reservoir constantly.
In powerful brainstorming campaigns, the welcome team stages new, customised concepts for businesses, associations and institutions.
And at all times, our focus is on one thing: your objective.

Ask the Tagungsmeister

We look forward to your inquiry!



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